Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 Training & Nutrition Mistakes for Women to Avoid

I was recently reading an interview with one of my "Internet Crushes," Neghar Fonooni. In the interview, Neghar was asked what were the top 3 training and nutrition mistakes made my women. She had the following to say:

1. A lack of heavy strength training with a gradual overload. A lot of ladies I encounter are afraid to pick up anything over 10 pounds. I had a woman come into my Kettlebell class afraid to dead lift a 12kg Kettlebell. When I asked her how heavy her child was, whom I am sure she picks up regularly, she had an “aha” moment.

2. Long, minimally intense cardio sessions. All the women I see on the elliptical machines at the gyms I have worked at look exactly the same as they did a year ago. I’m not sure what deters them from interval training. Maybe it’s too hard? Maybe it’s because they’ll sweat a lot and not be able to read a magazine while doing it? Nevertheless, it’s more effective.

3. Excessively restrictive diets and fad diets. The best nutritional program is the one you will stick to and will fuel your body in the most holistic manner. 1000 calorie diets and grapefruit and cookie diets are not sustainable and will not serve your body. Instead, they will steal from it and leave you feeling weak and depleted.

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