Monday, August 08, 2011

Today's Home Training Session

(pictured: Kettlebell "Bottoms Up" Hold)
I was in a time crunch this afternoon and HAD to get in a workout simply for my sanity (I'm sure some of you can relate). With limited space and equipment, I devised a quick and relatively intense session in my home studio. Here's the rundown:
  • T-Spine Mobility w/Tennis Balls (
  • Hip Rotator Mobility w/Tennis Ball (wish I had LAX ball @ home)
  • Foam Roller (T-Spine, Glutes, Hips, Hamstrings, Quads, and Calves)
  • Mini Band Walks (L/R/F/B) [2 x 10ea]
  • 4-way bridge [2 x 0:30ea]
  • Superband Anti-Rotational Press (no need to buy a $5 thousand cable column machine when I have a $10 Band I can use as effectively!) [2 x 0:30ea]
  • 1-leg Hip Thrust w/25 lb. plate on torso [2 x 8 ea @0:03 hold ea)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Supersets below performed 5 rounds with 2-3 min. rest between sets)
  • Kettlebell (KB) 1-arm/1-leg SLDL x6ea
  • KB 1-arm swings x8ea
  • KB "Bottoms Up Carries" (see above pic) x 10 yards ea direction [3 round-trip laps ea arm]
  • Push-ups x10
  • DB Lateral Raises x10
  • Air Dyne (.5 mile max effort)
It was tough (Air Dyne sprints were BRUTAL), but I like getting in training sessions now and then @ home when I cramped for time.

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