Monday, June 10, 2013

Recent Positive Feedback

A mentor of mine once told me that a little unexpected positive self-affirmation is good for the soul.  That being said, I was very pleased this week to receive some great feedback from a couple of participants who were enrolled in my Weight Loss Boot Camp. The comments were as follows:

"Paul Connolly worked so well designing his exercise routine for the age group. It got increasingly more robust with each class which was great and helped several of us with foot/knee, etc. issues use substitute moves during the class. I loved the stretch cords we got and used throughout the class and at home! He answered all of our questions/concerns about exercise thoroughly and completely. Wonderful instructor! "   (-Newburyport, MA participant)

"I really enjoyed the class with Paul.  It was a pleasure to meet Paul.  He was really a delight. At his young age, Paul is great at making a group of women feel successful about any positive changes they can make in their lifestyle."   (-Bolton, MA participant)