Friday, March 30, 2007

Web Updates, Seminar, Article

Web updates have been uploaded for April. You should receive these monthly via email. If you do not and would like to subscribe to my monthly updates, email me at and let me know to add you to the recipient list.

Dr. John Oleski and I will be doing a Spring Goal-Setting/Motivation and Fitness Seminar @ Waverley Oaks on Tuesday, April 10th @ 7 PM in The Wave's Function Hall. EMail me for more information. We are expecting a good turnout.

An article I recently finished will be appearing in The Watertown Tab within the next coupld editions (hopefully next Friday, April 10th). The aforementioned seminar will feature everything I wrote in the article, as well as several other tips for successful spring workouts.

Keep in touch. I'd love to hear your feedback about how you're enjoying the monthly updates, blog, tips, articles, etc...