Saturday, November 28, 2009

2-part Fitness Article Released

I wrote a brief 2-piece article for a local health club this week about optimizing strength and stability. Here is part 1:

I’m back this month to talk about 2 simple methods to incorporate into your training to improve strength and stability. They aren’t overly complicated, apply to all levels, and induce great results!

1. Implement Unilateral Lower Body Exercises- You know by now I’m not a fan of most machines, so it’s time you consider engaging in bodyweight and free-weight exercises working one leg at a time. Most of our activities in everyday life are performed one leg at a time (walking/running, climbing stairs, etc…) so we should train one leg at a time with variations of squats, lunges, and dead-lifts (see lateral lunge in the pic above). Both are typically done with poor form, so please contact me if this is something you’d like to learn how to do correctly- particularly if you play a sport and need to improve single-leg power.

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