Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Trots

"Turkey Trots" (post-Thanksgiving runs that are often 5K in nature) are something you see more and more of every year. There are a few in the surrounding towns near me and I like the idea. They're a great way for people to get together to work off the big meal they've most likely had for Thanksgiving. So many people talk about eating too much turkey when it's often some of the side dishes and desserts that people go overboard on (stuffing, various pies, etc...)

If you're doing a "Turkey Trot" this year, try and avoid the competitive nature of it all and focus more on having fun. Make the other races you do throughout the year competitive but this time focus more on simply having fun and making it more of a social experience. Get to know others in your town who are also running the race. Who knows- you may meet a future workout partner or simply a new friend.

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