Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Your Best Female Body

I'm in the middle of Rachel Cosgrove's best seller, "The Female Body Breakthrough." As promised by Rachel when I met her in June, it's a good read. There's a lot of before/after shots of her clients over the years and it very specifically lays out how each client achieved her "new fit body" (hint: hard work and plenty of strength training play critical roles). In the book, Rachel comments on the whole notion that specific activities will give you a specific body type. It's actually pretty comical.

She states, "Just as running won't give you a runner's body, dancing won't give you a dancer's body- neither will Pilates. The goal is to get your best body, which most likely is not a runner's or a dancer's body but your own fit body"

I'm looking forward to finishing the rest of the book this week. I'll have a review in an upcoming newsletter. And to the others who LOVE Heather Mitts, I say You're Welcome :-)

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