Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4 Reasons Why You're Still Not Lean

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We all have different training goals, but I will disclose that 90%+ of the time when I meet with clients, I continue to hear "lose weight, tone up" when I ask them about what their training goals are. In "my world," that means I want to get them as lean as possible (i.e. improve their "body composition" by way of increasing lean muscle and minimizing body fat levels).

I have one client now I've been working with who, like many others, didn't have a lot of pure weight to lose, but needed to improve her body composition. I'm happy to say she's doing that quite successfully. Total weight is down, while lean muscle mass, muscle "tone," - and STRENGTH- are ALL up. Love it!

Speaking of "getting lean," Coach Mike Robertson has a FANTASTIC article featured today on "T-Nation." Check it out by clicking the following link:

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