Monday, July 25, 2011

Dumbbell Quote from Martin Rooney

I love training with kettlebells, but sometimes feel they get all the hype. That same thought I recently had was echoed by one of my favorite strength coaches- Martin Rooney- in an article I read today. Check out his quote here:

"Kettlebells are a great tool, but since the explosion of the kettlebell cults, dumbbells have taken a backseat in training. Funny, but no one ever takes a picture with a dumbbell, yet I see more shots every day of people carrying a kettlebell like it was his or her first-born.

I have nothing against kettlebells and use them in my training. I just wonder if the KB explosion would've ever happened without the Internet? Kettlebell shirts, kettlebell necklaces...

Poor dumbbells, I'll miss them."

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