Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Changing Ideal Body

What exactly is an "ideal body?" Is there a celebrity whose physique you'd do anything to possess? We all have someone we look to whose physique we'd love to have, but it's interesting to hear different viewpoints as to what one's shape should be. Of course, the answer you get years ago may have been Marilyn Monroe and today it may be Halle Berry. Whether it's Michelle Obama's arms or Jessice Biel's "hind quarters," it's always interesting to hear people's answers about what healthy looks like or who has the best celebrity body (hint: my choice is above!)

The Boston Globe ran an article recently, accompanied by a video, about this topic. Check out the full text here:

P.S. "You're welcome" goes out in advance to all the guys I train who I know also love Jessica Biel :-)

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