Sunday, January 23, 2011

8-Step Guide of Essential Practices

I was recently reviewing Sigrid Olsen's 8-step guide of "essential practices." It's aimed at those seeking to regain equilibrium and redefine themselves after a major life change. While not all of them will apply to you, it's still interesting to check out. Personally, I found a couple that I applied to my life. The list, reads as follows:

1. Connect with nature. Next to the grandeur of nature, your problems seem very small.

2. Inhabit your body. Breathe, move, dance, run — anything that helps you feel awake and alive.

3. Find a community. Seek out people who are honest and fun, who will listen and tell the truth.

4. Clean house. Literally and metaphorically, clear out the clutter that complicates your life.

5. Cherish beauty. Try to put beauty in your path each day and take the time to enjoy it.

6. Open Your Heart. Give of yourself. Generosity breeds abundance.

7. Create. Make something. Paint, sculpt, cook, plant a garden, keep a journal.

8. Celebrate life. Eat good food, have a party, travel, laugh a lot.

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