Sunday, April 25, 2010

Train like the pros do

I was reading a good article about one of my favorite NBA players, Steve Nash, tonight. Nash is not only one of the top point guards in NBA history, but he's one of the greatest "NBA Citizens" the league will ever see. He does a lot of work for charity and plays the game as hard as anyone I've ever seen. Ironically, many of his qualities I try to instill on my clients to improve their results. I'd like to share the following two with you:
  • Train harder than everyone else- I often make it a point to check on my clients during their conditioning workouts (i.e. Step Mill machine, spin classes, etc...) as a means of supporting them. The one thing I'll often say to them is to always be the hardest working person in the room. I consider my clients all part of my team and it's vital they all work their tails off to show how determined they are to reach their goals. If you've ever seen Steve Nash play, you'll discover NO ONE will outwork him. This is what I need my clients doing. I'm happy to say they respond positively and their results show.
  • Implement restoration- Nash is well-known for diversifying his workout routines. He engages in various activities excluding basketball in the off-season to work different muscle group and movement patterns. Similarly, I often have my clients try new classes (i.e. I have a few people who just started a phase of Power Yoga and they are enjoying it). Additionally, many of my clients have incorporated massage therapy and chiropractic care to enhance recovery. Implementing a variety of training modalities will expedite recovery and enhance your workouts.

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