Friday, November 25, 2011

Girls Gone Strong

While I don't "specialize" in any particular area of fitness, strength & conditioning, etc..., I do admittedly have the most passion for getting more females into strength training. Finally, more and more of them are grasping the ideology that women can be strong AND sexy. We're at a point in time where muscle tone is a beautiful thing. While some women still fear they will "look like a bodybuilder" if they strength train, they're now understanding this isn't the case.

There's a group of women whose work I've been following for a while online. They call themselves "Girls Gone Strong," and they epitomize what happens when you combine beauty, brains, and intelligence. Check out their videos above. And yes, I'll admit I have a big crush on a few of them (Alli McKee, Marianne Kane, & Jen Comas Keck).

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