Monday, April 05, 2010

"But I Like My..."

I just read a great article from Precision Nutrition, my affiliate nutrition company whose products I often refer my clients to. Ryan Andrews essentially discussed the various types of sacrifice successful people have to make to achieve optimum results. It really made me think about not only my clients, but personal aspects of my life as well (i.e. training and nutrition improvements I know I could make).

Here's a snippet of the article:
  • The successful CEO doesn’t always “like” taking on extra projects… but they “like” running the company and providing a reliable product/service.
  • The sustainable farmer doesn’t always “like” staying in the fields until late at night… but they “like” showing up at the farmers market each week with crates full of fresh produce.
  • The fit 50 year old doesn’t always “like” eating vegetables instead of chips… but they “like” waking up each morning without having to rely on prescription medication for high blood pressure.
  • The person about to hit the beach doesn’t always “like” the idea of eating until 80% full… but they “like” how that bathing suit looks on them.
  • The plant-based eater doesn’t always “like” ordering beans instead of steak… but they “like” knowing their food choices can improve the lives of animals.
  • The stay at home parent doesn’t always “like” cleaning up after the kids, doing laundry and prepping meals… but they “like” raising a happy and productive family.
  • The weekly volunteer doesn’t always “like” showing up with a smile on their face… but they “like” lending a hand and boosting morale at the dialysis center.
  • The single person with a job doesn’t always “like” taking time to balance their finances and budget… but they “like” having enough money to afford food and housing.
  • The young professional doesn’t always “like” putting 10% of each paycheck into savings and tithing 10% more… but they “like” the idea of retirement and karma.
  • The athlete doesn’t always “like” going to practice instead of watching TV… but they “like” winning.
  • The fit person doesn’t always “like” waking up for the morning workout… but they “like” the energy boost it gives them all day."

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