Friday, November 23, 2007

Does it get any better?

Friday night at home watching my Celtics win yet another game, crushing their once-rival LA Lakers. As usual, Kobe leads all scorers and his team loses. I don't know why people actually like players like him. While Kobe has won a couple titles, he's the last person to admit it's because his team played well collectively. He won because of guys like Shaq, Derek Fisher, and Rick Fox. Anyway, before I get lost in another basketball rant, I was gonna head upstairs to finish some work when one of my all-time favorite movies came on right after the game...

"Casino." Of course I have it on DVD, but I couldnt resist staying up and watching. Something about that movie always fires me up. Could it be that the "F" bomb is dropped 422 times (yes I looked it up), the incredible double-disc soundtrack, or the fact DeNiro just fires me up? Either way, itll always be one of my favs.

Celtics kill the Lakers, DeNiro helps wack a couple people- does it get any better on a Friday night?


Anonymous said...

maybe spending it with a girl?

Paul C. said...

Ha ha- nice. Only better if the girl can actually appreciate the C's AND Deniro in one night. If you find her, I'd like her phone number.