Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fat loss plateaus

I often peruse other fitness blogs, with 6 or 7 in particular that I check out regularly (3-4 days/week). One of my favorites is from Alwyn Cosgrove ( I first met Alwyn at a seminar in Boston back in March- great guy. Anyway, he speaks a lot about "fat loss," and had a great point today I wanted to share. In his blog he states:


"Exercise Economy-

As the body becomes more skilled at performing a particular exercise (e.g. cycling) it actually becomes more efficient at the movement and burns less calories, even beyond the adaptations mentioned above."


This is the principle reason behind why those who exercise need to periodically change their workout routines. We "in the biz" call it periodization. As I say to my clients, "we gotta shake things up now and then." Stop doing the same thing over and over again. The body adjusts, and subsequently burns less fat, and this is the reason why weight loss plateaus in so many. Try a new exercise, change (shorten) the rest time between sets, change the speed of each repetition, change the exercise itself in favor of something different (i.e. choose squats instead of lunges).

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