Friday, May 11, 2007

BU Internship Complete

Starting in late January, I began a Strength & Conditioning Internship @ Boston University. My day to day duties included teaching exercises (i.e. Olympic lifts, plyometric movements, and agility drills), timing conditioning drills (i.e. shuttle runs and slideboard drills), and assisting the strength coaches with various duties (i.e. helping injured athletes modify their workout regimens). Overall, it was a great experience. One aspect I enjoyed most was having the luxury of working out in a Division 1 strength & conditioning center. I learned a lot of new exercises that I've applied to my daily training to help decrease risk of injury and improve my strength, power, and endurance. The Internship concluded with a 3-day series of athletic events we called the "Intern Olympics." Two other interns and I competed in a series of ~10 events including front squats, pull-ups, hang cleans, and a 7-mile Air Dyne bike test. I was happy to set new PR's in a few of the events. Check out a few pictures of the events...

(Me warming up for the Hang Clean test)

(Matt performing bench presses as Associate Strength Coach Vic Brown spots him through the lift)

(Grad Assistant Lauren "Chico" Ciccone & Matt taking a break from the festivities. Chico's jealous she didn't get to participate in the Intern Olympics!)

(Chico warming up with me and giving me some last minutes words of advice shortly before the 7-mile Air Dyne bike test began).

(Matt & Chris posing before the start of the Sandbag Relay event).

(Associate Strength Coach Vic Brown watching me start the sandbag relay event. Notice the evil grin on Vic's face).

All in all, the events were a big success. We all worked hard and had fun. Here's a pic of the great staff I got to work with this semester:

(From left: Head Strength & Conditioning Coach Glenn Harris, Graduate Assistant Lauren Ciccone, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Darcy Kellam, and Associate Strength & Conditioning Coach Victor Brown, III)

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