Sunday, March 18, 2012

Woburn, MA Group Exercise feedback

I wrapped up an 8-week Grp. Ex. program last week with a WONDERFUL group in Woburn, MA. It's my third time back there and it seems we have more fun and work harder every time I visit. At the conclusion of each class, I hand out evaluation forms and always enjoy looking over them- particularly if they come back good :-)

Here are a few comments based on the program I just concluded:
  • "Paul explained every exercise as we were participating and made sure we were doing it the correct way...he made the program awesome!"
  • "Paul Connolly gives a great class/workout. His knowledge of activity, nutrition, and what our bodies need to perform at their best, is unmatched! It's a rewarding and beneficial experience for me."
  • "Paul was most respectful of our ages and abilities."
  • "...enthusiastic instructor helped keep me motivated. His weekly emails were informative, and a good reminder to keep up with fitness in between classes."
  • "Paul made the class fun with his great sense of humor."
  • "Paul was great at pushing us to do more than we think we can do."
  • "Paul Connolly demonstrated all exercises so that I could follow. I did more than I thought I could. I thought the entire program was beneficial to me."
  • "Paul is the 'Trainer Bob' (Biggest Loser) of Woburn."
  • "Paul's class was full every week. People did not try it and quit- they kept coming which indicates that it was a success!"
  • "I appreciated Paul's positive approach."
  • "Paul's upbeat personality is motivating and his expectations are appropriate."
  • "The class was great. I really noticed an improvement in my balance and my abs felt tighter."
  • "Paul was so motivating and I enjoyed his program once again."

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