Sunday, October 23, 2011

From Good to Great

I spent the majority of the weekend doing some "fall cleaning." Specifically, I made it a point to organize all the clutter that's been building up in my office for quite some time. 90% of it was notes, journals, seminar/conference info, books, etc... that have been piling up. While I still have a fair amount to do, it was nice to organize what I did.

One specific "agenda item" was to re-write/organize notes from the seminars/conferences I've attended over the last year or so. One specific speaker whose work I follow closely is Strength and Conditioning Coach Dave Jack (see above pic). Dave's worked with athletes at all levels, including Paul Pierce and many other pros. In reviewing notes I took from Dave's lecture, "From Good to Great," Coach Jack had a great quote when he was talking about running a business. He said, "the time to be concerned is when you feel comfortable." That really rang true as I've experienced this now and then and clearly that means I need to work harder.

Another quote I really liked from Dave was when he said, "Today is a gift; that's why we call it the present."

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