Thursday, May 26, 2011

3-Day Perform Better Functional Training Summit

Every summer I head down to Providence, RI for 3 days for what I consider to be the absolute best conference the fitness industry has to offer. I love looking through the brochure and selecting which speakers I am going to see and the exciting topics they will lecture on. The beauty of this 3-day "Functional Training Summit" is the fact that every 75 minutes there are 4 different choices to pick from (either of 2 lectures or either of 2 hands-on sessions). I typically prefer the majority of my time in the lecture setting, although it is nice to mix in some hands-on stuff to not only practice new exercises, but to stay loose after sitting through the lectures.

I've got my itinerary all mapped out as to who I am going to see and what they will be discussing. It's a great time to also catch up with people throughout the country you don't usually get to see in person, whether they are mentors, friends, colleagues, or a combination of all three. Fortunately, the event isn't far from Boston, which makes the commute relatively easy. That being said, I hate long rides and will once again be staying in a hotel near the seminar.

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