Saturday, September 04, 2010

Why You're Not Losing Weight

We’re in month number nine of 2010, yet some of us have yet to lose the weight we initially set out to. Why hasn’t the scale moved the way we’d like it to? Here are some potential reasons why:

· You’re UNDER-estimating your caloric intake- I’m not saying it’s time to start calorie counting, but I do think constructing a nutrition journal should be in your future. Seeing your potential oversights in writing may open your eyes more than you think. Aim for a high intake of vegetables, lean protein, and good fats.

OVER-estimating your caloric expenditure- Once again, I don’t know that counting the exact number of calories is necessary, but I do think it’s crucial for SO many people to increase their exercise intensity. It’s admittedly disheartening to look around the gym (both in the cardio rooms and on the main weight room floor) and seeing so many people not pushing themselves. Your training sessions should contain moments of “temporary discomfort.” If they don’t, you simply aren’t working hard enough. Put down the novel and push it!

· - ENDOCRINOLOGY- If you truly are working your butt off and eating perfectly yet aren’t seeing any positive changes, it may be in your best interest to give your doctor a call. Your hormone levels may need to be examined. While this is typically the last resort, it sometimes is necessary.

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