Sunday, September 12, 2010

What He Said...

I received an email last week that outlined a lot of the beliefs/viewpoints of one of my mentors, Coach Mike Boyle. Several of the bullet points mirror much of what I believe in. A lot of what I believe is what Coach Boyle said, hence the "What He Said" title of this post. They include the following:
  • Right now we've got training experts who don't train anyone and
    strength coaches who've never competed in anything. Would you
    take business advice from someone who doesn't have a business
    or isn't making any money?
  • I think personal training is much more difficult than working with
    athletes. We've got 2 hours per week to counteract the other 166
    hours of the week. It's not a good ratio to try and make changes.
  • The trap-bar deadlift is probably the best lower-body exercise.
    I think it's clearly the best bilateral exercise, since you're engaging
    your erectors and your traps much more than in a squat.
  • And another thing: stretching doesn't have to take that long. You
    don't need to go to a yoga class. Just stretch your major muscle
    groups like your hamstrings, groin, hip
    flexors, lasts, and pecs.
    Shouldn't take more than ten minutes. When you realize later
    on that all the injuries you're going to get are because certain
    muscles get too tight or get knocked out of alignment, you'll thank

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Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of the trap bar as well. Keep up the great posts PC!