Monday, June 28, 2010

A Few Tid-Bits of Interesting Information

After completing a recent book I read, I wanted to share a few stats I found interesting:
  • An American born in the year 2000 has a 1 in 3 chance of developing diabetes in their lifetime.
  • An estimated 80 PERCENT of cases of Type 2 diabetes could be prevented by a change of diet and exercise.
  • In 1960 Americans spent 17.5% of their income on food and 5.2% of national income on health care. Since then, those numbers have flipped: Spending on food has fallen to 9.9%, while spending on health care has climbed to 16% of national income.
  • "I have to think that by spending a little more on healthier food we could reduce the amount we have to spend on health care." -Michael Pollan
  • ..."our food dollars can either go to support a food industry devoted to quantity and convenience and "value" or they can nourish a food chain organized around values- values like quality and health." -Wendell Berry quote

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