Monday, April 16, 2007

"How are school and your Internship going?"

A few clients, family members, and friends have recently asked me about those two areas of my life. In a nutshell, both are going fantastic. Specifically for each...

School update- In less than one month's time, I'll have earned a degree in Exercise Science from UMASS-Boston. I've had some outstanding professors who I know I'll keep as lifelong mentors over the years. I regularly keep in touch with a few of them and I'm so thankful for how helpful they've been to me.

Internship update- I'll be completing my BU Internship in approximately one month's time. I'm pondering doing some part-time volunteering there this summer. I'm happy to have been there this semester, but there is a lot more that I want/need to learn, so hopefully I can work something out with them. The training environment there for my workouts is unparallelled. It's nice having music blasting and having access to tons of equipment I normally wouldn't (i.e. Air Dyne cycles, slideboards, Olympic weightlifting platforms, etc...)

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