Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weight Loss Tips

Why wait until January 1 like everyone else to drop a few pounds? Weight Loss remains the number one initiative when I encounter a personal training client for their initial consultation. While other goals (i.e. increases in bone mineral density and muscular strength and endurance) are often mentioned, weight loss continues to be what most exercise enthusiasts are after.

I’d like to present the following weight-loss strategies that have proven to be successful with my clients over the years:

Ø Switch to smaller plates when preparing meals at home

Ø East slowly and enjoy every bite

Ø Improve both quantity and quality of sleep

Ø Invest in a digital bathroom scale to monitor weight loss

Ø Keep both a food journal and exercise journal to track your progress

Ø Avoid going to holiday parties and grocery shopping on an empty stomach

Ø *Utilize compound-multi-joint strength training exercises (i.e. squats and chin-ups versus bicep curls and leg extensions) to improve body composition and maximize caloric burning*

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