Friday, May 07, 2010

Nintendo Wii Fit recently ran an article (with video above video as well) on "Exergaming." I thought it was so ironic, because I recently launched a program in Reading, Massachusetts for town employees to come learn how to use the popular Nintendo "Wii Fit." So far, the participants are really enjoying themselves and learning a good deal about not only how to use the system, but I am providing constant feedback as far as form/technique goes. Of course the exercises are theoretically designed to burn calories, but there are many pros and cons to the various components of what the Wii Fit offers. The participants will continue this program with me over the next several weeks. It will be interesting not only to provide my complete review, but to hear what they have to say back when the program concludes. I'll be sure to provide further info. in the next edition of my monthly newsletter.

If you are currently using "Exergames," please share your feedback with me as I'd love to hear how others perceive what my group in Reading is currently going through.

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