Friday, March 26, 2010

The Future of Corporate Fitness?

I was asked the other day by someone what the future of corporate fitness looks like and I showed them the above video (Intel's new corporate fitness center in Chandler, Arizona). Sure, it's "cool" to see the various gadgets that their employees can utilize, but one thing is missing: the client/trainer social exchange. I'm like most of you reading this in terms of liking the latest technology but if it means getting further away from personal exchange, motivation, positive reinforcements, etc... I'll pass. Watching your stocks on a 24" LCD monitor while getting in a cycling workout is nice, but I guarantee you'll work harder- and burn FAR more fat- when a coach is pushing you through an intense strength training session or some interval conditioning drills.

In conclusion, you can have your fancy plasma TVs. I'll take a real human motivating me and a sound training environment to help me meet my goals faster.

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