Sunday, December 12, 2010

Embracing Discomfort

Girl Sweating After Workout
As the New Year draws closer, I've been doing a lot of thinking about many of my clients wishing to improve their body compositions. That is, they are seeking to lose body fat, yet gain or maintain lean muscle mass. This is the case of the majority of so many exercise enthusiasts. I was reading a piece by best-selling author Bill Phillips where he listed out suggestions for achieving body transformations and one in particular stuck out to me: "You must be ready and willing to experience a certain level of discomfort as you move toward your goal."

I truly believe embracing temporary discomfort during training sessions is one of, if the not THE KEY, to achieving body transformation success. Of course nutrition plays the most important role, but people- many of my clients and pretty much EVERYONE I encounter at the gym- need to embrace this cardinal rule.

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Unknown said...

Great post PC! Keep up the good work. See you in the gym soon.