Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Has Weight Training Saved Your Life?

I was reading a fantastic article today that featured many big names in the Strength & Conditioning World. These are people I look up to and it was interesting hearing them speak about how weight training saved their lives, all in varying ways. Personally, strength training has increased my confidence both in sports and life. I started when I was 16 and I will never forget how much I've enjoyed it since that summer I started.

A few quotes from the article stood out, and I wanted to take a minute to share some powerful words with you. Enjoy...

"The most successful people work hardest in the gym."

"The weight room is a place where the trials never end. It is the place where we test ourselves continuously — we struggle to reach one goal, and, as soon as we reach it, there is another and more difficult one to meet."

"Training hard makes you physically tougher, but the fact that it makes you mentally tougher is what's most important. Dragging yourself through a demanding workout makes you embrace the idea of facing a challenging task in business. There's definitely a direct correlation between pushing yourself in the weight room and pushing yourself in life."

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