Friday, August 20, 2010

Things That Bother Me: "Inadequate Power Output During Medicine Ball Exercises"

There are several exercises and movements I think are extremely underrated (i.e. push-ups, Hex Bar Deadlifts, and Anti-Rotational Cable Presses to name three), but if I had to pick a fourth it'd be Medicine Ball exercises. More specifically, one thing that really bothers me is watching people perform Med Ball exercises without full power output. In other words, they "half-ass" it. Med Balls are meant to be slammed, tossed, thrown, etc... AS HARD AS POSSIBLE unless otherwise indicated. Take a look below at the videos below for more information:


INCORRECT (you can CLEARLY see both participants could be slamming the ball harder):

Just make sure you use an adequate (concrete/brick) wall so THIS doesn't happen:

Also, make sure you give yourself enough room so THIS doesn't happen:

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